Direct from Japan, Snow Productions brings you Yukigassen!


Simply put, it’s a game of Snowball throwing that has a structured set of rules which means that it is perfect for team building, corporate challenges, inter club/school leagues, varsity challenges or just some good old fun.

The game is mobile! - We supply the helmets, vests, flags, playing fields and SNOW.


All the rules are written in the International Rulebook of the Japanese Federation of Yukigassen which makes the regulations to play the game standard across the world.


2 opposing teams are formed by 9 players each (7 on the court players and 2 substitutes)

The winner is the team that either first captures the rival’s flag or eliminates all the opponents by hitting them with snowballs.

Each game is broken down into 3sets of 3minutes each

Each team will be given 90 snowballs per set.

More detailed rules, techniques and game strategy are presented before the game

Yukigassen Playing Field

Thanks to our cryogenic system of snow production, we can produce the right amount needed for any sized competition. Our snowball moulding machines mean that all snowballs remain at a standard size.

Contact us to arrange your very own Yukigassen competition