Snow Play, Ramps & Rides

We make real snow for a wide range of applications. Enjoy the tactile experience of real snow for snow play, snowball throwing and snowman making. For your convenience we offer various quantities of snow made on site or delivered to you by refrigerated truck.


Large or small, we offer a variety of snow ramps and rides for indoor and outdoor use.
Ramps for family fun in snow tubes and on snowboards, to international-scale big air ramps for serious snowboarding shows and competitions. This for the novice, local sport stars as well as for the world tour pro!

With our drainage and water catchment system, melting water is safely contained, stored, and often pumped back to the machines. This allows for minimal water use and a constant supply of fresh snow.

Snow Productions offer both official mobile snow-making systems




(As natural as found on any Alpine mountain slope. This real powder snow is now available during any season in Africa and in quantity from 4 tons and up! This snow is produced with a unique mix of liquid nitrogen, compressed air and water allowing us to supply high quantities of snow anytime and virtually anywhere.)


We also offer snow production from our water crystallisation method.This system produces up to 16 tons of snow per day and is better suited for multiple day events. This snow is harvested and held within out thermally protected bunker until needed. It is then pumped when and where needed via our on board pneumatic delivery system.

For further information, and pricing details, please contact us - We would welcome the opportunity to further discuss the possibilities with you